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Why DLK Technologies for your Online Auction Website Design?

  • Today, online bidding websites have done a massive reputation. Customers and dealer should buy or promote services and products via auction websites as in keeping with their business. Do you realize that you have the most effective 3 seconds to catch attention visitors earlier than they click to another website? This is a true truth, and that is why DLK Tech leading web development and digital marketing company makes a specialty of making custom designed websites for the auction business in Chennai, India. Over the past decade, sites which include eBay, Amazon auction website design, online auction phenomenon changed into a viable business version. In their wake, all the industries and organizations of any size can follow similar strategies for their official site to create additional sales streams. Some of our key services include:
  • Auction Portal Design & Development
  • Bidding Portal Development
  • Custom Action Portal Development
  • Penny Auction Portal Development notifications.
  • General Auction Portal Development
  • Auction and Bidding Website Development
  • Auction Management System
  • Existing Auction Portal Enhancement
  • Live / Virtual Auction Portal Development
  • Auction Portal Maintenance
  • Need of auction web designs for your own business
  • Auction sites are a smart way to test consumer reaction. Boutique or uniqueness shop beginning is a luxurious project. Rent for the constructing space is tough on its very own. Including workforce and product charges are settled and placed the enterprise into debt. Auction websites are correct that consumers are interested in portions while four of the six portions of jewelry disappeared from eBay, the two that did not promote are an amazing indicator that much less of these precise types should get produced.
  • Testing out purchaser reactions, using an auction website online saves businesses lot of money. Sold some pieces to expose the direction the company should take within the destiny. The usage of this website design such as eBay lets in commercial enterprise owners sells at once from their homes. They do not deal with leasing constructing space to set up save in a hassle. Whilst people hear a good amount of business, then they could create a store.
  • Earn money with an auction site is my favorite way to begin a home business, as you have got full manipulate over your website and product that is not always the case if you are an associate. This could be an excellent solution to start running from home and creating the life and earnings of you and your family deserve.
  • Some of the top auction software features are as follows:

  • Auction Interface:
  • Listing Items (set or percentage based)
  • Highlighted Auctions
  • Bold Auctions
  • Home Page Featured Auctions
  • Category Featured Auctions
  • Reserve Auction fee
  • Buy it now fee
  • Second Category fee
  • Make an offer fee
  • Advanced search facility enables for items by:
  • Keywords (item title and description)
  • Items with the reserve price
  • Items listed with buying it now
  • Items with swap enabled
  • By country/zip code
  • By seller
  • By buyer
  • By store
  • Extra features of our Auction website portal:
  • Users can leave remarks for every different with the facebook account
  • Consumer assist and F-A-Q textual content already built into the system
  • Sellers can accept Buy It Now offers
  • Buyers can now make offers on indexed gadgets.
  • Customers can pick out in the event that they need to get hold of your web-websites e-newsletter.
  • Capability bidders can ask the vendor a query at once.
  • Listing features:
  • Easy category selection
  • Users with a store can pick whether or not to list their new object of their save, auction most effective or both (available if a dealer has an energetic shop)
  • Sellers can enter their own item title
  • Sellers can fill their selection for any custom fields
  • Customers can open their own eBay type shops, upload their corporation logo and display all their open auctions

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